Thursday, April 21, 2011

Organizing My Life!

So lately I have been reading one particular blog lately, IHeart Organizing

IHeart Organizing

I have been inspired to tackle the Family Binder suggestion she blogged about at the beginning of this year.  I went out today to Walmart and stocked up on a ton of folders, paper protectors, and these cool zippered folders.  Unfortunately the zippered folders do not have holes punched into them for me to put in those binders, but that is where ole' trusty 3-hole puncher comes in!  I found some simple scrapbooking paper in my tons of paper that I could put on the front and on the side of the binder.

Like I have mentioned I have also been setting up my craft room in the formal dining room that we never used.  I had nowhere to put all my new folders, as well as my fabric swatches, so I brought my old bookcase out of my husband's office, which was being used as a landing strip for everything from books to mail to my old laptop.  I cleared off everything and surprisingly my dear husband took inspiration from me cleaning and offered to bring the bookcase out to my crafting room....either that or he wanted me out of his office so he could play WoW without me huffing and puffing.  A little insight into my "can't throw anything away" syndrome....I have had that bookcase since I was a teenager.  I have lugged it from apartment to apartment and from home to home.  It still looks decent after all these years.  Unfortunately, now I have all unmatching furniture in my crafting room.  They range from a cherry wood to an oak color to a light tan color.  It is my goal to eventually paint everything on one of these beautiful Savannah spring days....before it gets over 100 degrees in the summer.  So now I have a place to store my family binder, my taxes for both my businesses, and previous taxes and receipts from my husband's and my previous taxes, as well as all my scrapbook papers, which I am using a 2" binder and my sheet protectors to contain! 

I also bought a large pizza pan today.  When I got home from the store, my husband helped me unpack all our groceries and saw this.  He got onto me for buying it since we just put our pizza straight on the rack.  I told him it isn't for pizza of course!  I have been inspired from another blog, Liz Marie


In one of her post, she blogs about organizing your make up at Makeup Storage {Part 2} .  I just need to find the right fabric for my bathroom.  I will hopefully find some fabric that will match my shower curtains.

Eventually I am going to get a vanity so I can do my makeup in my big master bedroom instead of in our tiny bathroom.  That is the one thing I miss....a big bathroom with a tub.  I have a tub in my daughter/guest bathroom, but I want one in MINE!  Right now we just have a stand up shower, which is pretty big, so I guess that is a plus.  I also was inspired by her other post about organizing my makeup brushes, Makeup Storage {Part 1}.  I bought two small vases and some decorative sand (the vases were under $2 and the sand was about $3).  I have yet to make the cutouts "Face" and "Eyes" to paste on the vases, but I will eventually get to that.  Hey at least I got a place to store my brushes instead of in my travel bag where I have to dig for them!

I have a lot more to do on my "To Do List", but I will eventually get to all of it.


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! And for your kind words!


  2. Getting organized can be a lot of work but is so satisfying when you are done :) I had a lot of mismatched furniture in my craft room that I painted. I also used a lot of unique and homemade storage containers.

  3. I am now following you Renee =) Maybe we can pick each other's brains on the whole organization. I used to be that person who would literally start dumping stuff as I walked into the house and trail it through out the whole house. Since I had my daughter, I have been trying to become more organized. My husband can't believe the turn around haha!