Friday, April 15, 2011

Crafting Room

So even though I work at home, I have no home office....or a place for my sanity :)  I would share my husband's office, but I am not too keen on hearing him yell at the guys he plays with on his videogames online.  Plus when I like to do crafts, I like to spread out...something that would be impossible to do with us sharing the small room he has as an office.  For months, I have been wishing I had a room to call my own.  Then I was on a crafter's blog and read where she turned her formal dining room that they never use into her craft room.  PERFECT, I HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!!  Seriously, we NEVER use it even when company comes.  We have a huge living room, which we sit around the coffee table for dinner.  So yesterday, I moved our bar-height dining room table into the kitchen.  Unfortunately, it doesn't match the kitchen, but we rent the house and I love dark wood furniture so there is no way I am painting my beautiful espresso-colored table.  I guess I will just have to live with the unmatching colors until we move.  

What is cool about all the furniture in my now crafting room is that it is all recycled furniture (for now...I still want to buy some more stuff or go dumpster diving when the SCAD students leave for summer break).   Our ex-roommate was going to trash this dresser she had when she moved in with us.  I DON'T THINK SO!!!  I scooped that right up and have been using it as a "china cabinet".  I have moved all the dishes back into the kitchen and the dresser is now my storage for all my crafting supplies.   As my crafting table, I have a table that was given to me from the ex-roommate's ex-boyfriend.  The restaurant they were working at was just going to throw it away, so he rescued it and then when he knew we needed a "kitchen island", he gave it to us.  We then inherited when my roommate moved out.   We had been using it as a table we threw everything on when we came into the house and to put the cat bowl on so our dog George didn't eat their food.  It is a work in progress still, but I will post pictures soon.  

For now, here are some pictures of my flowers overfilling their storage case 

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