Thursday, July 7, 2011


I just got back yesterday from spending the weekend/week with my sister in Asheville.  I absolutely love that town.  It is so quaint and peaceful.  The people there seem pretty awesome.  My sister got to see her niece, who absolutely loved spending time with her.  It was so cute to see my daughter laughing with my sister.  She discovered Kaya's tickle spot and got her to laugh a couple times.  We ended up spending the fourth at her friends house grilling out and watching one of her friend swing fire, which was AWESOME!!!  I hope everyone had a safe holiday and got to see a lot of fireworks.  Kaya loved the fireworks so much.  She wasn't scared at all by them, which is pretty surprising.  You would think a 5 month old wouldn't like loud noises, but not my daughter! 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Asheville in the morning

I am heading to Asheville, NC in the morning to visit my sis.  She has seen my daughter since she was a few weeks old.  I am so excited.  I wish my husband could be here for the 4th to watch the fireworks...and help me clean the house :)  That is how I am spending my Saturday  I can't wait to see my sister and take some pictures of the fireworks in the mountain.  This will be Kaya's first time seeing fireworks.  I am hoping it doesn't scare her too bad.  Ugh, I have to finish cleaning and doing laundry so I can pack in the morning.  I HATE CLEANING!!!  Now if I can only stay off Facebook long enough to get some stuff done!  Here are some pictures of my friend Courtney visiting this past week.  She is seriously an amazing yogi.  I need to take lessons from her!  I wanted some pictures of her doing yoga with my daughter.  Here are the results: