Saturday, July 2, 2011

Asheville in the morning

I am heading to Asheville, NC in the morning to visit my sis.  She has seen my daughter since she was a few weeks old.  I am so excited.  I wish my husband could be here for the 4th to watch the fireworks...and help me clean the house :)  That is how I am spending my Saturday  I can't wait to see my sister and take some pictures of the fireworks in the mountain.  This will be Kaya's first time seeing fireworks.  I am hoping it doesn't scare her too bad.  Ugh, I have to finish cleaning and doing laundry so I can pack in the morning.  I HATE CLEANING!!!  Now if I can only stay off Facebook long enough to get some stuff done!  Here are some pictures of my friend Courtney visiting this past week.  She is seriously an amazing yogi.  I need to take lessons from her!  I wanted some pictures of her doing yoga with my daughter.  Here are the results: 

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