Sunday, June 26, 2011

I promise

I promise to blog more.  I am going to shoot for every day, even if it is just a small paragraph tell you about what happened to me today.  I have been missing my husband quite profusely.  If those of you out in blog world don't know, my husband is an Army Ranger.  He is deployed right now.  I can't tell you where or I would hafta kill ya!  But needless to say I have been down for a little bit.  We have been through deployments multiple times.  But that doesn't mean each time gets easier.  Well it does compared to your first deployment, but it still SUCKS!  This is the first deployment since we had our daughter, Kaya, so it is a little rougher than normal.  I was just getting used to being a mommy and boom, I am doing it alone.  Rick has been so helpful as much as he can.  I have also relied on my parents and his mom, who are only a few hours from us.  They have definitely been a life saver.  Okay, enough of the excuses :)  On to my blogging...

So this weekend, my friend Dwight's family came into town.  They had a condo on the beach so we spent almost all weekend down there.  It was a lot of fun.  However, I missed a phone call on Friday from my hubby and almost missed one on Saturday, but Dwight answered the phone and saved me from crying the rest of the night :)  It is so amazing to hear his voice.  You really don't realize how many little things you miss when you are separated from the love of your life.  Even his voice can be the best thing you hear all week.  Today (well technically yesterday since it is 2 o'clock Monday morning), it was a quiet day at home...minus the trip to Home Depot, Walmart, and PetsMart!  I had to go grab cat food and dog food for my lovely babies.  Actually, NO, my dog is not lovely!  He is an @$$!!  He likes to shred boxes or paper if I leave him (even for 20 minutes).  So he has been experiencing kennel time this past week.

While I was at PetsMart, I got the urge to hit up the Home Depot next door.  I had to get a staple gun so I can redo my couch with some vinyl fabric.  My parents are coming down in a couple of weeks to bring me a leather couch so I am redoing our broken-arm couch and putting it outside instead of just trashing it.  Rick's Ranger buddies decided that propping themselves up and jumping on the arms of the couch was a good idea.  So a not too old couch is pretty much done for.  Except when you live with a crafty person like myself.  I will promise to take pictures of when I redo the couch.  I found some cute orange and white vinyl table clothes with fabric on the back at Home Goods.  It is going to go under the gazebo I am getting so that if it rains, the vinyl should protect the fabric underneath.  I don't really like the thought of sitting on a soggy couch....So yeah, I hit up the Home Depot and got a staple gun and some staples.  Then it was off to Walmart (with a brief trip to Sonic for happy hour for a slushie).  I got a couple of bags of dirt to plant my tomato plant I had.  I saw they were having a sale on their tomato plants and herbs so I ended up getting two more tomato plants.  Three plants should definitely take care of Rick, Me, and Kaya for the rest of the summer and hopefully into next year seeing that I planted them in HUGE pots.  I am planning on moving them into the garage when it gets to cold and hopefully I will have tomatoes all year round! 

As I was about to start planting my tomato plants, it started storming of course.  Oh well, it will get finished tomorrow.  I ended up putting Kaya to bed and started editing some pictures for my photography business, Irie Images.  Rick finally got online and I was so happy to talk to him on AIM.  It wasn't his voice, but at least I know he is safe when he gets to talk to me.

Tomorrow should be a busy day.  I have to go renew Rick's SUV, because he didn't renew his registration before he left.  But I have to go get his power of attorney on base :(  I try to avoid going on base at all cost usually.  I don't know why, I just don't really like going on base.  And then my friend Courtney is coming to the Island to hang out on the beach.  So hopefully we are going to get up together.  I have very few friends that I would consider a soul-sister, but she is one of them.  My friend Billie is the other one.  So needless to say, I am pretty excited to see her.  Goodnight in blog world!!

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